Counseling Center

The mission of the counseling center is to support the personal, social, and academic development of students and the wellbeing of the Emmanuel community. Our professional staff provide strengths-based individual and group counseling to undergraduates as well as proactive prevention, education, and consultation across campus. Our multidisciplinary team welcomes and advocates for students of all backgrounds and works to create a safe environment that fosters the unique strengths of each individual.

The Counseling Center is staffed by licensed clinicians and adheres to the professional and ethical standards governing psychologists and mental health counselors established by the American Psychological Association.

Why Seek Counseling? Violence, Bias
and Sexual Assault
How to Help a Friend Need Help Now? Resources


Counseling is not part of a student's academic record. Meetings with counselors are private and confidential, within the limits of the law. These limits include cases of life-threatening emergencies and current abuse of children or other dependents. Otherwise, no information is released outside the Counseling Center without the written consent of the student or subpoena by law.

The Counseling Center is aware of the injustice, and the recent and long history of tragedies that have been impacting the African-American and Black community. We stand in solidarity with our students, staff, and faculty who are directly and indirectly impacted by these racial attacks. These events add to the already challenging pandemic, which has been triggering bias and discrimination against the Asian and Asian-American community and revealing stark economic and health disparities based on race and class.   We stand against systemic oppression, racism and hate.

We recognize that members of our community are hurting, and we acknowledge how the violent events, bias, and discrimination happening in our communities can be re-traumatizing and can have severe psychological impact. After experiencing or witnessing trauma, it is common to experience depression, anxiety, and  post-traumatic stress. We encourage those who are suffering to reach out for support, engage in self-care and connect with loved ones.

We see you and we stand with you in grief. The Counseling Center staff is here to support you. If you find yourself in need of support please reach out to us at (617) 735-9920.

Please remember that you can reach a licensed counselor at any time, 24/7, through Connect@EC by calling 617.735.9920, option 2. International students also can reach a licensed counselor 24/7 via text or phone.

For details on how to contact the 24/7 international line, go to (Code=fenway). 

Students will be seen in-person with masks for an initial assessment appointment, an intake appointment and emergencies. Students will be seen without masks via telehealth for ongoing counseling appointments.

While masks are a critical tool to maintain the health and safety of all members of the Emmanuel community, they can hinder the expression of the full range of emotion essential to the therapeutic process. Therefore, initial sessions will be conducted in-person with masks to foster rapport-building and to allow clinicians to gather as much information as possible to determine the best strategy for helping students access the support they need. If it is determined that a student meets criteria to meet regularly with a Counseling Center clinician, ongoing work will occur via telehealth without masks to allow for the communication of a full range of affect while maintaining the health and safety of members of the community. By offering this diversification of services, the Emmanuel College Counseling Center is following considerations put forth by the American College Health Association.

Mental Health Crisis Phone Numbers

  • Campus Safety
    (617) 735-9888
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline
    1 (800) 273-8255
  • Text Line
    Text “Start” to 741-741
  • Text "steve" to 741-741 for young people of color
  • 24/7 Free and Confidential
  • Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
    617 492-RAPE
  • Fenway Community Health Center’s Violence Recovery
    617 927-6202
  • Counseling Support for Students currently outside U.S.:
    DIRECT DIAL: +44 20 8987 6588; Please dial us direct and ask our counselor to call you back. You may incur a small international call charge.
    STUDENT CODE: fenway
  • Crisis/Emergency Local and National

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