Emmanuel College's 13th President, Mary K. Boyd, Ph.D.

Past Presidents

Emmanuel Presidents
Emmanuel President Emerita Sr. Janet Eisner, SNDdeN and previous leaders of the College at Sr. Janet's 1979 inauguration. With Sr. Janet are: Sr. Ann Bartholomew Grady, SNDdeN (standing left), Sr. Mary Barry, SNDdeN (standing right), Sr. Helen Madeleine Ingraham, SNDdeN (seated left) and Sr. Alice Gertrude Keating, SNDdeN (seated right).


Sr. Adela du Sacre Coeur, SNDdeN (1919-1922)
Sr. Mary, SNDdeN (1922-1929)
Sr. Frances of the Sacred Heart, SNDdeN (1929-1932)
Sr. Julie, SNDdeN (1932-1935)
Sr. Agnes Cecelia, SNDdeN (1935-1939)
Sr. Teresa Patricia, SNDdeN (1940-1946)
Sr. Margret Patricia, SNDdeN (1946-1953)
Sr. Alice Gertrude Keating, SNDdeN (1953-1960)
Sr. Ann Bartholomew Grady, SNDdeN (1960-1969)
Sr. Marie Barry, SNDdeN (1969-1975)
Sr. Mary Frances McCarthy, SNDdeN (1975-1978)
Sr. Janet Eisner, SNDdeN (1979-2022)
Mary K. Boyd, Ph.D. (2022-present)

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