Marketing Communications

The mission of the Office of Marketing Communications is to effectively communicate the Emmanuel brand to a variety of internal and external audiences-prospective students, alumni, parents and families, current students, faculty, staff, neighbors and more. The goals of communication initiatives produced by the department are to: raise awareness of the Emmanuel mission and unique value proposition; support the College's strategic priorities and business objectives; and celebrate outcomes of a challenging and transformative educational experience.

The office oversees the College's visual identity, the production of print publications, the main website, institutional social media presence, video, news and media relations. General inquiries can be sent to

What We Do

The Office of Marketing Communications is the College’s in-house marketing agency. From the mission to the people, programs, location, and success, we focus on communicating the unique value of Emmanuel College and highlighting the different ways that our community “goes all in.”

This request form is your first step towards working with the Office of Marketing Communications to accomplish your specific marketing communications goals and objectives.

We look forward to working with you to give voice to the ideas that reflect our values, exemplify our culture, and benefit our community.

Why is marketing project management important?

  • It provides a clear up-front understanding of project objectives and details so we can creatively and proactively integrate Emmanuel's new branding into marketing communications.
  • It will help us to prioritize projects that support institutional objectives.
  • It promotes collaboration and transparency.
  • It will enable you, as the experts in your areas, to drive the success of projects!

Key Questions

  • What is the one message we want the audience to understand?
  • Supporting proof points or additional benefits?
  • What is the behavior change we are trying to make?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is the primary call to action?
  • What is preventing the audience from adopting/following our message?
  • What initial ideas (written, verbal, or visual) do you have?
  • What is the desired tone?

Critical Success Factors

  • Plan ahead! Request projects as far in advance as possible.
  • Be detailed with your project requests (and ideas shared during kick off meetings, when applicable). The more information and ideas shared up front, the better.
  • Own your projects from start through completion.

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