October 5, 2021
Students Present 2021 Summer Research at Poster Session

The 2021 Emmanuel Summer Research Fellows Program featured 25 faculty-student collaborations covering nine different disciplines. Once focused exclusively on the natural sciences, including biology, chemistry, and physics, the program has expanded and is available to faculty-student collaborations in all areas of study.

View photos from the session after the project descriptions.

School of Humanities & Social Sciences         

Anne Marie Deffe ’22
"To Post or Not to Post? How Connection to Media Affects Connection to Nature and Well-Being"
Faculty Advisor: Mark Flynn, Associate Professor of English   

Megan Canfield ’22
"Chapter 8: Children’s Age and Participation in Child Protection in the United States"
Faculty Advisor: Katrin Kriz, Professor of Sociology  

Emily Kline ’22 and Lauren Sterling ’22
'"I became the person I needed...': Streetworkers' Perspectives on their Job Experiences"
Faculty Advisor: Janese Free, Associate Professor of Sociology  

School of Science & Health

Aurelie Barry ’22
"Investigation of non-canonical PRC1 Complexes in Drosophila"
Faculty Advisor: Janel Cabrera, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology 

Rylie Bolarinho ’22
"Effects of Selected DNA Aptamers on Calcium Carbonate Mineralization at pH 7.4 and 10"
Faculty Advisor: Aren Gerdon, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Arlette Cabral ’24 and Justin Mejia ’23
"The Role of KLF Transcription in Regulating Fat Metabolism and the SKN-1 Antioxidant"
Faculty Advisors: Natalie Karagodsky, Assistant Professor of Biology   

Thamish Centeio ’22
"Decoding the Transcription Machinery Interactions Network in Bacteria"
Faculty Advisor: Padraig Deighan, Associate Professor of Biology  

Rachael Cohen ’23 and Daniela Gomes Rodrigues ’22 
"You Have Those Adult Responsibilities, but You’re Still Getting Your Feet on the Ground: The Lived Experience of Established Adulthood"
Faculty Advisor: Clare Mehta, Associate Professor of Psychology  

Katelin Curtis ’22
"Automated Water and Alcohol Choice Test"
Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Crofton, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience   

Kate DelTorchio ’22
"Comparing the Frequency of Online and In-Person Body Talk and Looking at Their Relationships with Body Satisfaction"
Faculty Advisor: Linda Lin, Professor of Psychology   

Anna Drake ’22
"Impact of a Two-Hit Developmental Model on Behaviors and Brain Measures Related to Stress and Mood Disorders in Mice"
Faculty Advisor: Melanie Leussis, Associate Professor of Psychology 

Grace Gaultier ’24 and Jack Tata ’24
"COVID-19 Impacts on Elementary Mathematics Classroom Engagement Strategies"
Faculty Advisors: David Earls, Lecturer in Mathematics and Miriam Gates, Assistant Professor of Math Education     

Amanda Gilbert ’22
"Calcium Phosphate Mineralization of Collagen using DNA Aptamers"
Faculty Advisor: Aren Gerdon, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Julia Japo ’23
"Real Time Mineralization of Collagen through the Addition of Calcium Phosphate, Poly-Aspartic Acid, and DNA Aptamers Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM)"
Faculty Advisor: Aren Gerdon, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Patrick Mannion ’23
"Synthesis of Tripodal Receptors for Reactive Sulfur Species"
Faculty Advisor: Nathan Lau, Assistant Professor of Chemistry  

Bailey Maurer ’22
"Synthesis of N-Substituted Bisaryl-Amidines with Sequence-Specific DNA Binding Capability"
Faculty Advisor: Michelle Watt, Assistant Professor of Chemistry    

Van Nguyen ’23
"The Effect of Roadblocks on DNA Target Search"
Faculty Advisor: Allen Price, Associate Professor of Physics 

Polina Ovchinnikova ’22 and Hannah Sullivan ’22
"Introducing a Mutation into a Monarch Butterfly Population"
Faculty Advisors: Benjamin Allen, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Yulia Dementieva, Professor of Mathematics and Christine Sample, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Hannah Paquette ’22 and Michaelangelo Tsaparlis ’24
"Sex-specific Differences in Mutational Signatures and Cancer Effect Size"
Faculty Advisor: Vincent Cannataro, Assistant Professor of Biology

Emma Stevens ’22
"A Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Particle Recognition in Single Molecule Biochemical Data"
Faculty Advisor: Allen Price, Associate Professor of Physics

Daniel Sullivan ’22
"Mutation Nation: Investigating Protein-Protein Interactions in a Yeast Cell Division Pathway"
Faculty Advisor: Anupama Seshan, Associate Professor of Biology

Sydney Teixeira ’22
"Molecular Cartography Uncovers a Transcription Appropriation Factor"
Faculty Advisor: Padraig Deighan, Associate Professor of Biology      

Grace Viviano ’22
"Attitudes Towards E-Cigarettes and Combustible Cigarettes"
Faculty Advisor: Linda Lin, Professor of Psychology

School of Business & Management 

Ryan Arisian ’24
"Executive Compensation and Diversity and Inclusion: Holding Senior Leaders Accountable for Effecting Racial Justice in Organizations"
Faculty Advisor: Kelly Basile, Assistant Professor of Management   

School of Education

Grace Gaultier ’24 and Jack Tata ’24
"COVID-19 Impacts on Elementary Mathematics Classroom Engagement Strategies"
Faculty Advisors: David Earls, Lecturer in Mathematics and Miriam Gates, Assistant Professor of Math Education     

Emily Penta ’22
"Making it all Fit: An Upper Elementary-Grade ELA Teacher and Literacy Coach Solve Ongoing Problems of Practice"
Faculty Advisor: Christine Leighton, Associate Professor of Education

2021 Summer Research Poster Presentation

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