July 8, 2015
Pinheiro '17 Designs for Boston Magazine

Graphic design major Adam Pinheiro '17 landed a summer internship at Boston Magazine, where he creates advertisements and design materials while getting a taste of the real world.

Adam Pinheiro '17 wanted to get a taste of the real world, a place where he could be put on the spot and create something for a client. He got his chance in May when he landed a graphic design internship at Boston Magazine. Now, the rising junior said his time at the magazine has become his favorite part of the week.

"I would one-hundred percent feel privileged to work for this company. Everyone is very laid back and kind to me at this internship, no one treats me like 'the intern,'" Pinheiro said.  "I attribute much of my success to my [Emmanuel] professors."

Pinheiro is a graphic design and art history (interdisciplinary) double major. A friend and fellow graphic design major interned at Boston Magazine during the spring semester, and she mentioned Pinheiro's name to her boss. Pinheiro was quickly interviewed and was hired one week later.

"My experience in the actual working world of design is little to none. I was looking for any professional setting or field where I could learn tricks of the trade and get actual experience, creating legitimate work that had the potential of being published and could possibly go into a portfolio," he said.

As one of two graphic design interns at the magazine, there is always something to do, said Pinheiro. He assists the senior graphic designer on creating design work, deals with clients looking to purchase ads, lays out editorial materials and assists at events. In one month's time, Pinheiro has already created and edited a couple dozen ads, several editorial layouts and event reviews and other design-based material. All of Pinheiro's designs will appear in Boston Magazine, Boston Homes and Boston Weddings. Along with materials for the magazines, Pinheiro helps his boss create signage and promotional materials for events that the magazine hosts, including Best Fest 2015.

"I very much enjoy working here.  Designing ads was never my ideal graphic design vision...but I've found pleasure in it.  I've always had a love for creating something from nothing," Pinheiro said.

Graphic design wasn't always on Pinheiro's mind. When he was younger, he wanted to write books and was the editor of his school paper and literary magazine in high school. When he arrived at Emmanuel, he changed his mind and wanted to curate and appraise art, so he began to study art history; however, his plans changed again upon taking an introductory graphic design class.

"I immediately knew I wanted to do this, whatever this was. I think over the years I've just had a passion for telling some sort of story, no matter the outlet," he said.

Pinheiro credits Emmanuel's student-teacher ratio with giving him the opportunity to interact more closely with his professors, which helped him hone in on his design skills. 

"I've developed titanium bonds with professors and students in the art department family," he said. "Essentially, my professors make me want to learn, make me want to succeed and push my limits."

Although Pinheiro was quickly asked to be an intern Boston Magazine, he urges others students to prepare for potential rejection and to also not have an ideal job in mind, because any internship will give a person experience. He also thinks being involved at Emmanuel or the community will help in getting a job. Pinheiro is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK), will be the president of Kappa Pi, a national art society, in the fall, was a teaching assistant for First-Year Seminar, was a Mac Lab monitor and has gone on a Campus Ministry retreat.

"Experience looks lovely on a résumé, but showing the well-rounded sides of yourself makes you much more dynamic and personable to a potential employer. It could be the difference between you and the other applicant," he said.

Although Pinheiro is enjoying his time at Boston Magazine, he has yet to decide which direction in the design world he'd like to take.

He admitted to taking every day as it comes, but he said, "If I had it my way, I'd love to be someone designing beautiful art like Chip Kidd [a book jacket designer] or David Carson [artist], but I know I'll have to start out slow, doing the things I'm doing now. But that's OK, I think. Everyone starts somewhere."

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Adam Pinheiro '17

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