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Sr. Janet EisnerI welcome you to Emmanuel College! At Emmanuel, everything we do—every decision, every initiative, every investment—is animated by the joyful belief that "education is the greatest work on earth." We celebrate this conviction whenever we see students' lives transformed and whenever we witness our graduates advancing a more just and peaceful world. 
Emmanuel stands in the heart of Boston—at the intersection of the 2,000-year-old Catholic intellectual tradition and tomorrow's top careers. Here faculty engage students in a rigorous liberal arts and sciences curriculum, challenging them to think imaginatively and critically and to express themselves with power and precision. Throughout our thriving global city, students intern with leading organizations in business, finance, media, science and the law. 
Our students also collaborate with faculty on original scholarship and research, gaining exceptional preparation for graduate school and a wide range of professions. Through more than 100 co-curricular activities and organizations, students grow as scholars, artists, volunteers and athletes while forming relationships that last a lifetime. 
If you are a prospective student or a parent of one—or if you are an alumnus/a who has not returned recently—I invite you to visit us. Take a tour of our multimedia classrooms, state-of-the-art science laboratories and new 18-story, apartment-style residence hall. Feel the closeness and spirit of our community. See how our dedication to mission, ethics and values lends unique depth to the Emmanuel experience and prepares women and men for lives of leadership and of profound purpose. 

Sister Janet Eisner, SNDdeN

Sister Janet Eisner, SNDdeN

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Nick Eline '23: Perseverance in a Pandemic

Nick grew up in a family of medical professionals—his mother and grandmother are both nurses and his father is a paramedic. “I’ve always been surrounded with medical jargon and stories of health incidents, crises, and the rewarding benefits of providing care,” he said.

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Nadel Henville '22: Creating Community Takes Center Stage

For Nadel, the stage is her “second home,” and the community she’s found within Emmanuel’s Theater program, a second family. While she originally thought she would pursue college theater as a hobby, she soon realized the work would define her student experience and provide a foundation for life beyond Emmanuel.

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Gianna Kittle '20: Advocating for Justice

Prior to coming to Emmanuel, Gianna had never heard of the field of sociology, but was very familiar and passionate about issues of crime and justice. Her time at Emmanuel helped her to not only put a name—but also, a purpose—to that passion.

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Research Spotlight: Searching for an Evolution Solution

Propelled by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, students and faculty in the Mathematics Department are studying the rate of evolution in spatially structured populations using evolutionary graph theory, which may inform the estimation of important events in our evolutionary past, such as when humans split from our closest primate relatives.

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Research Spotlight: Powerful Partnerships

In collaboration with Emmanuel graduate, Kierstin Giunco ’17, Associated Professor of Education Christine Leighton and current student Kayla Balthazar '20 are working with local elementary students to deepen reading engagement and comprehension.

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Research Spotlight: Economics Education on a Global Scale

As her research in economics education has focused on innovation in the classroom and finding ways to help students apply economic theories to real-world situations, students are vital in every aspect to Associate Professor of Economics Rebecca Moryl’s work.

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Eileen Milien '22: A Career-Affirming CURE

When choosing a college, Eileen knew two things for sure—that she would be able to get to know her professors and peers and that she wanted to be in an area in which she would have myriad opportunities in the research and medicine.

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Jake Hill '20: Seeing Citizenship with a Capitol C

Growing up in a suburban town outside of Boston, going to college in the city had always been a goal for Jake. After touring Emmanuel's campus he felt it had the perfect mixture of “small campus feel and big city appeal.”

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Melissa Duffy '20: Artist and Appreciator

When Melissa started at Emmanuel, she chose what she believed to be two separate and distinct majors—studio art and history—to fulfill her both her personal and professional interests.

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Kai Uehara '20: Social Justice Scholar

Kai has always had the inclination to try to make any situation better. When he was searching for colleges, Emmanuel's social justice mission resounded deeply with his ideals of supporting those who need the help.

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Robert Columbus '20: The Idea Man

Robert’s interest in the workings of the wider world grew in 2011 as the Arab Spring became international news. “I love history,” he said, “so knowing the history of the states as well as their current affairs made their actions and interactions much more interesting to me.”

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