Pre-Health Professions

Graduate education and careers in medical fields require a strong preparation in the fields of biology or chemistry within a well-rounded liberal arts and sciences background.

Pre-health professions (or pre-medical studies), describes a suggested curriculum that is a strong preparation for careers in medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine. The same curriculum is also an excellent preparation for other health-related fields such as nursing, physical therapy and public health. In general, medical schools want well-rounded students with a broad liberal arts and sciences education. Early in their college careers, students are advised to consult the individual requirements of the medical, dental or veterinary college they wish to attend. At Emmanuel, the health sciences concentration in the biology major or the biochemistry concentration in the chemistry major are excellent preparation for medical school.

A student may choose any major at Emmanuel, but the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) requires students to complete, at minimum, the following courses.

  • BIOL1105 Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology with lab (SI-L) (NSL)
  • BIOL1106 Introduction to Organismic and Evolutionary Biology with lab (SI-L) (NSL)
  • CHEM1101 Principals of Chemistry I with lab (SI-L) (NSL)
  • CHEM1102 Principals of Chemistry II with lab (SI-L) (NSL)
  • CHEM2101 Organic Chemistry I with lab
  • CHEM2102 Organic Chemistry II with lab
  • PHYS2201 General Physics I (calculus based) with lab (SI-L)
  • PHYS2202 General Physics II (calculus based) with lab (SI-L) (NSL)
  • One year (two semesters) of English and math, and courses in biochemistry, psychology and sociology are also recommended

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