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The study of English is more than grammar, punctuation and the canon of classic literature. It's a foundation for success across a host of disciplines.


At Emmanuel, students studying in the Department of English, Writing, & Communication are offered an expansive, inclusive and thoroughly modern program with a traditional departmental major and focused majors in Communication & Media Studies and Writing, Editing & Publishing. Students who major in any of these programs study the process by which we derive meaning from a variety of texts that are written, oral, visual or multimedia in nature.

The guiding principle behind all programs in Emmanuel's English, Writing, & Communication department is rhetoric—that is, examining how we use language to influence the beliefs, attitudes or emotions of various audiences. As an English major, you will reflect upon, analyze, and interpret literature and film, and present your analyses in clear, cogent writing.

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Emmanuel College graduates can be found making their mark at leading companies and organizations all over the city of Boston, across the country and around the world. But their path to success and fulfillment starts on campus, with a commitment to achieve at the highest level in their studies, in leadership roles and in student clubs and organizations, while engaging in purposeful work that honors their obligations to their communities and the wider world.

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of 2020 graduates who were seeking employment within the creative arts, design & media career community had found a job (by one year after graduation)


of 2020 graduates within the creative arts, design & media career community who were seeking admission to graduate school had been accepted (by one year after graduation)

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