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Lisa M. Stepanski

Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences; Professor of English

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Office: Administration Building, Room 326-A


Ph.D., University of New Hampshire; M.A., B.A., Boston College


I consider myself very fortunate that my professional life is centered around two activities I have always loved: reading and writing. As Bacon says, " Reading maketh a full man." So many books, so little time. And so I spend a great deal of time in my classes encouraging students' awareness of how their own literacy shapes their relationships with the many texts of the world: books, television, movies, advertising, other people. At the heart of the Emmanuel English department's mission is the belief that all the world's a text - a highly persuasive one at that. An Emmanuel English major helps students to become savvy consumers of the many messages that we read every day and to make smart, ethical choices regarding the use of language.

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Summer Fellowships, Mary Baker Eddy Library, Boston, MA Summer 2009-2010

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