Peer Tutoring and Study Groups

ARC Virtual & In-Person Services

The Academic Resource Center is open to support you with your academic success both remotely and in-person. Visit WCOnline to schedule an online, phone, or email appointment with an ARC Peer Tutor, ARC Writing/Math/Science Specialist, or Academic Coach (for study strategies and time management).


Whether a student needs short-term or long-term tutoring, a study partner or a study group, Emmanuel's peer tutoring and study group program strives to meet individual student needs.

Peer Tutors are: 

  • Recommended by professors as students with outstanding academic (minimum 3.0 GPA) and interpersonal skills
  • Trained and supervised by the ARC professional staff
  • Available by appointment with 24 hours notice
  • Available for weekly appointments in many courses

Study Groups are: 

  • An excellent form of collaborative learning
  • Coordinated with professors, tutors and the ARC staff, with dates and times posted outside LIB G-04
  • Scheduled to provide timely and effective study opportunities prior to tests and exams.

How to schedule an ARC tutoring appointment:

How do I prepare for a tutoring or study group appointment? 

Arrive prepared to your tutoring session with relevant questions, materials and texts. Tutors will do their best to explain material, but the more prepared you are to ask questions and guide the session, the better the tutor will be able to address your concerns. Keep the following points in mind when preparing for your tutoring appointment:

  • Attend class. Students who do not regularly attend class are not eligible to receive tutoring. The tutoring sessions are to enhance the information you receive through attending class, not to replace it.

  • Read the material. It is not the tutor's responsibility to lecture to you on material you have not read, but rather to help you gain an understanding of the material that you have read.

  • Try to work assigned problems prior to the session. You will learn to solve problems more quickly if you have tried to work them out before the tutoring session. This allows you the opportunity to ask questions about mistakes you may have made.

  • Bring notes and handouts from class, as well as your books, to the tutoring appointment. A variety of material means a variety of avenues to better understand the material.

  • Tutors do not do your homework. Tutors will work sample problems, review problems that you have worked, discuss notes and lecture material, help formulate ideas for papers and assignments, and review for exams, but they will not do your homework for you.

  • Be prompt for your tutoring appointment and expect the same from your tutor.

  • Be courteous during your tutoring appointment and expect the same from your tutor.

  • Work in an environment that is comfortable for both you and the tutor. Always use the ARC rooms. If these locations are booked, the ARC can arrange a location for the session.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment with a peer tutor, visit the ARC or sign up online.  If you are not able to attend a scheduled tutoring session, please contact the Academic Resource Center 24 hours prior to the appointment, whenever possible.

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