Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Advising assists you in the transition from high school to college and helps you to discover that your academic choices have a significant impact on achieving your goals.

Each incoming student is assigned a professional Academic Advisor, who will guide you on a path to success and serve as a resource during the first two years at Emmanuel (get a glimpse into the Academic Advising process). Together with your Advisor, you will explore and choose a major, select courses for each semester, and create a Four-Year Academic Plan to help you exceed your academic expectations and also graduate in a timely manner.

Academic Advisors are committed to your success in college and look forward to partnering with you in making the most of your time at Emmanuel.

First Year

Every student is assigned an Academic Advisor who will work with you until you declare your major. During your first semester, you will have two individual meetings with your advisor and attend two group meetings. Your advisor's door is always open to meet more frequently. To schedule meetings in advance, please visit  No question is too big or too small to discuss with your academic advisor. If we cannot give you an immediate answer, we will find the person or office to assist you.

Second Year

During your sophomore year, you and your academic advisor will be finalizing your Four-Year Academic Plan and preparing you for your final two years at Emmanuel. Your Advisor will assist you in officially declaring your major, which is done by March 1st of your Sophomore Year. Once you declare your major, you receive a new advisor (i.e. Faculty Advisor) who is a faculty member in your major department. The college publicly acknowledges your reception into your major department with the Sophomore Pinning Ceremony where you and your family can celebrate the important college milestone of selecting your area of study.

Transfer Students

As a transfer student, you have already experienced academic life at college. At Emmanuel, you will be working immediately with an Academic Advisor who will assist you in constructing your academic plan and choosing the courses that you need based on your incoming transfer credits. As soon as you are ready, usually within your first semester at Emmanuel, you will declare your major and move into your chosen department with a faculty advisor in your area of interest. You will work with your faculty advisor through graduation.

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