Graduate + Professional

Daniel Jones, BSN ’12, MSN ’15

Dan JonesDaniel Jones was always confident that he could make a good living, but what he really wanted to do was make a difference. A candidate for a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree at Emmanuel College, Daniel has been working in health care for 15 years, much of it in the trenches of community health care. After earning his Bachelor of Science in biology at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, Daniel's career began tracking toward nursing. He earned an associate's degree in nursing at Bunker Hill Community College, followed by his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Emmanuel in 2012. At Emmanuel, Daniel says he found a shared passion among his classmates and professors. "I was highly impressed by the level of professionalism, caring hearts and spirit of the alumni, current students and faculty, all of whom shared my philosophy for providing quality community care," says Daniel. "It was clear that the college shared in my education goal." A candidate for graduation in 2015, Daniel is riding a 4.0 GPA and can hardly wait to resume his career after graduation.