Student Life

Why Seek Counseling?

College is a unique developmental time. Students are challenged with forming their identities, making critical life decisions, living away from home and adjusting to the demands of college. These challenges, although exciting, can be stressful. Pre-existing mental health difficulties are often exacerbated and many students experience depression or anxiety for the first time. Students do not need to struggle alone with these challenges. We encourage students to take advantage of the center’s support. Students come to see us for a variety of reasons including:

Adjusting to College Abuse Academic Difficulty
Anxiety Compulsive Behavior Discrimination/Harassment
Death and Grief Depression Family Issues
Loneliness​​ Low Self-esteem Relationship Issues
Sexual Assault Sleep Issues Stress
Substance Use Suicidal Thoughts Trauma


Counseling is not part of a student’s academic record. Meetings with counselors are private and confidential, within the limits of the law. These limits include cases of life-threatening emergencies and current abuse of children or other dependents. Otherwise, no information is released outside the Counseling Center without the written consent of the student or subpoena by law.



Please visit the University of Chicago's Virtual Pamphlet Collection for an extensive gathering of self-help sites with articles and resources addressing mental health concerns.


Go to Go to if you would like to take an anonymous assessment which screens for 13 common mental health conditions that college students face.