Student Life

Making a Referral

Faculty and Staff Referring Students:

If you believe a student is in distress you can recommend the student seek counseling. You can physically walk him or her to the Counseling Center (Admin. Room 151) or you can encourage the student to come on their own. The counseling center cannot divulge any information about students without written consent from the student.

Family Members Referring Students:

If you are a family member of a student and you are concerned that he or she may need counseling, please encourage the student to come to the Counseling Center. If the student is in a serious situation or if you believe he or she may harm themselves or others, please contact Campus Safety immediately (emergency line: 617-745-9888) if they are on campus or 911 if the student is off campus.

It is important to recognize the limits of confidentiality. The Counseling Center cannot disclose to a family member if a student is coming to counseling without the explicit consent of the student. Similarly, sharing with the Counseling Center the name of a student who is in distress is confidential, unless they are a danger to themselves or others.