2018 Move-Out Information

All students should plan to move out of their rooms no later than 24 hours after their last final or by 10:00 AM on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, whichever comes first.

Main Campus Move Out

    • Please note that due to construction, there is limited parking on the residence hall side of campus. We ask that you be aware of the time parking in these spaces for move out. We ask that you move your student out as quickly as possible and then move your car to another location to park if you wish need to remain on campus.
    • For St. Joseph Hall residents and for St. Ann Hall, there is no parking directly in front of the building. Please be aware of the heavy foot traffic that will occur at the front entrances to both buildings.

Check Out Process with the Resident Assistant (RA)

Residents are being asked to sign up for a checkout time with an RA in the building. Each RA has a schedule on their door indicating the days and times they are available for checkouts. If their direct RA is not available to complete a checkout at the time that the student wishes to leave, please have the student sign up with another RA on their floor.

If a resident would like to complete a regular checkout, please have the student write their initials and room number in a time slot on the sign-up sheet. A regular checkout consists of an RA coming to their room at the time selected to check the status of the room. All items must be removed from the room and the room must be in clean in order to properly complete the process.

Residents may also sign up for an Express Checkout, in which they would write their initials and date that they will be leaving under the Express Checkout section on the sign-up sheet. By completing an Express Checkout, they are able to leave at any point in time, as long as they fill out an Express Checkout sheet, which is located at the front desk. Please note that residents forfeit the right to appeal any charges for damages in the room if the resident chooses to utilize the Express Checkout option. Forms must be returned to the front desk in each building as the resident exits.

Satellite Housing Move Out

Peabody Hall and Notre Dame Campus - Peabody Hall and Notre Dame Campus residents should complete the same check out process as Main Campus.

City View and Trilogy residents - City View and Trilogy residents do need to make elevator appointments to move out of each location. Detailed instructions will be emailed to residents in both locations from supervising area professional staff members.

Senior Week Housing

Seniors will be moving into St. Joseph Hall for Senior Week and will not be permitted to store items in their current academic housing assignment. We encourage families to remove as many items as possible prior to moving to St. Joseph Hall. Seniors are required to move out of St. Joseph Hall by 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 12.

Summer Housing
If a resident is transitioning into summer housing at Emmanuel, they will be required to move from their current academic housing assignment into Loretto Hall. Instructions on this move will be provided directly to residents during the week of May 1.

If you have any questions, please contact the main Residence Life office at 617-735-9746 or via email at reslife2@emmanuel.edu.