Student Life

Student Adjustment Guided Effectively

You care about making the most of your college experience. You want to learn the ropes quickly, get involved and find your niche at Emmanuel. S.A.G.E. is here to guide you on your quest.

Student Adjustment Guided Effectively - SAGEStudent Adjustment Guided Effectively (S.A.G.E.) is a program for all first-year and transfer students interested in maximizing their first semester on campus and easing the potential stressors that can arise from a major life transition.

Participants are paired with a full-time Emmanuel student who has been enrolled at the college for at least one year. These knowledgeable guides are trained to help you navigate the many academic, co-curricular and social opportunities available and to be a trusted resource if or when you need them. Together, you will work to ensure that your first steps at Emmanuel are the right ones for you.

For more information and to join S.A.G.E. please contact us at