Meet Skylar Steffes

Student leader Skylar Steffes spoke with Director of New Student Engagement & Transition Alexa Trainor about transitioning from high school to college life during her first year at Emmanuel.

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Alexa: What is your favorite thing about EC? 
 My favorite thing about Emmanuel College is absolutely the opportunity presented here. Small class sizes mean I got to know my professors on a personal level, my advisers actually cared about me and wanted to help me (and that I just wasn't another student to them), and all of this right in the city of Boston is hard to match. There are plenty of career fairs, (one of which I got my dream internship), places to get academic help, and tons of activities where you can meet new people. It may be a small school, but it has a big heart!

Alexa: What was the most challenging part of your transition?
Skylar: The most challenging part of my transition was trying to figure out where I fit in and really trying to establish myself and my home here. Right when I arrived there seemed to be a million clubs and different acivitives on campus, and a gazillion things to do in Boston itself! Not to mention tons of new people you meet who you always have at least one thing in common with! It was overwhelming, but settling down and finding my group of friends helped a ton. It is also important to mention self care at this point when there is so much to do, and I promise, you will have tons of time to do everything. There is no reason to feel guilty about needing one night to stay in and watch Netflix, or to go to bed early.

Alexa: What are you involved in?
Skylar: I try to stay involved with many different things on campus, and off. Recently, I got an internship with MediaGirls as a mentor to middle schoolers to teach them about using social media to empower themselves (THIS is the coolest organization, and my dream internship). I work at the Loretto Front Desk. I also am involved with Art Club, Sister for Sister, and am looking to be involved in the Film and Book Club for this upcoming semester. I am also a 2018 orientation leader!

Alexa: What advice would you give incoming students?
Skylar: The biggest advice I would give incoming students is to CALL YOUR MOM. No really though, staying in touch with your family members, or even just friends from home goes such a long way. College is a big transition and it's so easy to forget about those back at home as you navigate your way through. They love you and want to hear from you, and honestly, there is no bigger comfort than hearing your loved ones voices after a long day.

Alexa: If you could do it over again, what would you do the same? What would you change?
Skylar: It's funny thinking about what I would do differently and what I would keep the same, because I ended up at Emmanuel almost as a mistake. I was just about completely committed to go to the opposite coast, and attend a different institution. The weekend before the deadline was due, me and my mom flew to Boston on a total whim and we toured Emmanuel College and I just knew. There was something completely enchanting that was like a moment out of a movie where I knew I belonged at Emmanuel and that was that. I think in general I wish I would have put more thought into a lot of my decisions regarding college, including class selection. However, I also think that it is hard to say because the person I was when all of these decisions were happening ended up being a completely different person than who I was 4 months later. As well as, it is hard to look back at any decision I made and regret it when each day I get to live a better and happier person than who I was the day before.

Alexa: Any final thoughts?
Skylar: To wrap it all up, the transition to college is exiting and scary, and daunting and wonderful! Just to know that no matter what, each day will pass and you will end up exactly where you need to be, and that it will all be okay is something to keep in mind.