Reflect Emmanuel

Reflect Emmanuel

Reflect Emmanuel is a series of Advent meditations on Emmanuel, our God with us

December 2, 2014

Nicole Onofreo, Class of 2015 President

“Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.”
—Luke 10:23

As we begin this joyous time of year, as we await the coming of Christ again, we are blessed with the opportunity to faithfully see God’s will and just how much He loves us. Today’s Gospel reading, taken from Luke 10:21-24, reminds us how important it is to remember that God is around us always and in all things we do. As Christians, we are blessed to witness God’s grace in our everyday lives through the many little reminders that present themselves before us.

With my final year at Emmanuel flying by, graduate school applications underway, senior seminar papers due and rushing to my internship every other day- I often find it hard to take time to recognize and appreciate God’s gentle reminders. After a particularly stressful point in the semester, an important mentor recently proposed a question to me:
“What can God do for you?”

This question has truly stuck with me throughout my spurts of great anxiety about my next transitional step beyond Emmanuel. It is through these valuable interactions and compassion from others that I see God. It is through the gentle reminders of a loved one who has passed that I hear God. And it is through the people God has blessed me with and through all of the experiences He has given to me that I feel God.

This advent season, I challenge you to take time to pause, be still and reflect on how you have seen, heard or felt God in your life. And perhaps more importantly, how do you encourage others to see, hear and feel God? May Emmanuel, our God with us, come to us many times throughout this season of preparation and hope.