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Class Tradition: Senior Cap + Gown Ceremony

The Senior Cap + Gown Ceremony is one of the oldest traditions at Emmanuel College, dating back to the first graduating class.

Dating back to the first graduating class, the Class of 1923, the Senior Cap and Gown Ceremony has historically marked the beginning of the senior year. The ceremony provides an opportunity for seniors to don their caps and gowns and recognizes their status as seniors at Emmanuel.

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1968 Epilogue: Senior Cap + Gown

Cap and Gown Day-October 8, 1967-we celebrated this day with a Mass, this day, which was for us and for all those Emmanuel seniors before us, our first appearance in the engulfing black robe and neck-itching white stock of academic life. Each of us listened as she prayed, sang, thought; each pieced together what was meaningful to her. Yet, all of us participated in an advent of Commencement; we accepted again the charge of Christian responsibility, and through this responsibility the hope for peace.

Senior Cap + Gown Ceremony