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Creative Arts Groups

Hoping to express your artistic side or get your message out to the world? Check out our creative arts and communications-based groups and click on any group name to connect with a representative via email. You can also contact us at to connect with the group of your choice!

Acapocalypse (co-ed A Cappella group)
President: Natalie Taormina
Advisor: Dan Campagna
The mission of Acapocalypse is to bring a cappella music to the Emmanuel and Boston community. We have a shared love of music and each year we strive to better ourselves as musicians. By holding concerts and cosponsoring events with other campus groups, we hope to better the community, bring current social issues to light and bring joy to the students and faculty of Emmanuel College.

Art Club
President: Ashley Paleski
Advisor: Kathy Soles
We aim to create a positive, open space that can function as an artistic opportunity for students to feel the therapeutic qualities of creative activities among others who are interested in the same emotional benefits. We hope to cultivate creative personalities who wish to expand and/or grow their creative capabilities. A collective appreciative focus on past artwork by various established artists will be handled as an education tool in order to draw inspiration. The aim is to learn different techniques and process them with thoughts into our own creation.

EC Pep Band
President: Ashley Makowski
Advisor: Andy Yosinoff
The purpose of this organization is to spread EC cheer loudly for all to hear.  We will enhance school spirit by playing music at sports events.

EC Photo Club
President: Mollie Salamon
Advisor:Stephan Jacobs
Our purpose is to create a community dedicated to fostering the betterment of students through the diverse art and therapy of photographic expression.

EC Radio
President: Jillian Hyburg
Advisor: Kelli Connors (Fall 2018)
EC Radio provides students a place to share music, express their views and get experience with radio.

For Good Measure (female A Cappella group)
President: Felice Cabral
Advisor: Dan Campagna
Founded in 2010, For Good Measure is Emmanuel College's premier female a cappella group. We strive to break the boundaries of all-female a cappella with a wide range of voices and power. The name says it all, as For Good Measure is a family of passionate and motivated singers, forming a true oasis of music when they sing together.

Her Campus at Emmanuel
President: Ashley Jurus
Advisor: Dr. Mark Flynn
The purpose of Her Campus Emmanuel is to provide an online hub for Emmanuel‘s students by providing content that is both a resource and a source of entertainment. We highlight campus news, events, interesting students, faculty, alumni, campus photos, and fashion and lifestyle content specifically tailored for students at EC. Student staff members will gain journalism, marketing, publicity and digital media experience, and all students at Emmanuel will gain a new and fun online resource through this online publication.

The Hub (Student Newspaper)
President: Haley Biermann
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Stepanski
The Hub is Emmanuel College's only student-run publication dedicated to expressing the diversity of opinion at Emmanuel College. We are committed to keeping the Emmanuel community informed.

Spoon University
President: Serena Morin
Advisors: Diane Zydlewski
Spoon University is a place where students can use their talents to write articles, take photographs, or blog about everything and anything food related. Students will be able to express themselves through the creation of their own articles or photographs. This club is a way for students to explore Boston cuisine and be able to turn their expreience into art.

Writer's Block
President: Kirsty Adams
Advisor: Dr. Mary Elizabeth Pope
The mission of our organization is to create a safe space for all types of writers to come together. We are hoping to help students improve their skills in creative writing.