Management Degree Options

With Emmanuel’s graduate and professional programs, practical knowledge and real-world training come together to build a successful career.

With Emmanuel’s Management programs, practical knowledge and real-world management training come together to build a successful career.

Unlike other management programs which emphasize theoretical study, our program focuses on the discipline, building management skills and teaching you how to direct organizational resources more effectively.

What Distinguishes Emmanuel’s Management Degree and Certificate Programs?

  • Diverse Applicability—Ideal for anyone who maintains or is assuming management responsibilities, you’ll learn the management skills necessary to transition into and grow in any managerial position or environment.
  • Cutting-Edge Focus—Through exposure to the most current business practices, you’ll learn to design and deliver new management ideas and methods in a global and ever-changing market.
  • Career Preparation—Develop integral managerial competencies in leadership, ethics, financial management, strategic planning, business law and problem resolution. • Use your skills to solve complex management issues by creating innovative and forward thinking solutions.

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