Additional Loans and Scholarships

For students with a balance remaining after financial aid who will be enrolled in a less than half-time status or who prefer not to apply for need-based financial aid, there are private loans available to assist with your educational costs. While there are a variety of loan options available, the Office of Student Financial Services encourages borrowers to do their own research and select the lender that is best for them. Information regading private student loans may be found at and  Emmanuel College does not endorse any individual lender.

When planning the method of payment, it is strongly recommended students borrow for the entire year instead of applying each semester.

Regardless of lender selection, students will need to complete a Private Education Loan Self-Certification form. A copy of this document is available by clicking here.

Endowed Scholarships

Scholarships funded by alumni and friends of the College are available and are based on criteria established by the donor. Endowed scholarships are reserved for continuing students and are awarded each spring for the subsequent fall term. The Graduate + Professional Programs office will announce the application process and deadlines on an annual basis.

Outside Scholarships

Many outside scholarship opportunities are available through various organizations, fraternal orders and employers. Please refer to the links below to learn more about privately funded scholarships and grants:

Please note: Scholarships or grants received from private agencies or groups must be reported in writing to the Office of Student Financial Services by providing a copy of the scholarship agency notification.