Kathleen MacMunn ‘17

Major: Master of Science in Management
Graduation Year: 2017
Current Position: Assistant Business Manager, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

“Earning my Master of Science in Management degree at Emmanuel was an incredible experience. My degree is a major stepping stone that will support my career in business.”
—Kathleen MacMunn ‘17

At Emmanuel, Kathleen found undergraduate and graduate programs to help her meet her goals while accommodating her busy, professional life. Over an eight-year period, while working full-time at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, she was able to finish both her B.A. in Business and her Masters of Science in Management. Since completing the master's program in 2016, Kathleen has been promoted from analyst to assistant business manager at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. In her current position, she is involved in a range of projects from procurement to tracking to financial reporting, and she collaborates with employees from the technical, research, administrative and development areas of the organization. Kathleen credits her Emmanuel professors for bringing real-world business experience to the classroom, and she is confident that her education has created a firm foundation to help her continue to move ahead in her field.

Connor Bradshaw

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