Mary Beth PopeAssociate Professor of English Dr. Mary Beth Pope is a professor who makes a habit of opening doors to her students - specifically one she herself was not guided through. A key part of her creative writing courses involves walking all of her students through the publication process. In fact, by the end of each semester, every one of her students is required to submit his or her work for publication to get a sense for what the process entails.

"I was never taught this even as a graduate student. It is information faculty for some reason do not either bother to share or do not think students need to know at that point," said Dr. Pope. "I feel very strongly about teaching students where to go to get the information they need about publishing their work." 

Despite the fact that the average acceptance rate for submissions to national literary magazines is around one percent, the program has experienced impressive success, with five students having works accepted for publication last year alone. Julia Brennan '13 had her essay, "Of Sound Mind" published in Stepping Stones Magazine; Maxwell Dolan's '13 essay, "Casting," was accepted for publication in the July 2013 issue of Whiskey Paper Review; Hannah Lane's '13 creative non-fiction work, "Buon Viaggio," was published in the February 2013 issue of Bengal Lights; Samuel Nickerson's '13 essay, "Lasting Impressionisms," was accepted for publication in the summer 2013 issue of The Bicycle Review; and Raven Heroux '13 had two essays accepted for publication. "Training Wheels" will appear in the spring issue of Bookends Review and "Technical Difficulties" was accepted for publication in The Healing Muse: A Journal of Literary and Visual Arts, published by The State University of New York's Center for Bioethics and Humanities.

 "It gives them an advantage when applying to grad schools, something concrete besides grades that says 'This is what I am capable of,'" said Dr. Pope. "To be able to provide this for my students is huge. It is the greatest thing I could possibly give them."