Frank Decusati '13

Internships: WGBH & Biogen Idec Frank DeCusati '13 spent the fall semester of his senior year interning at WGBH, the public television channel famous for educational shows like Arthur, Curious George, and ZOOM. However, he wasn't there to produce the next Sesame Street - he was there to help find the people to do it.

The Connecticut native worked in the station's Human Resources department, where he got a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making WGBH and any other company run smoothly. He carried out many key jobs concerning personnel and employee relations for the company - including helping to find his own successor.

"I did preliminary resume screenings, sat in on interviews, and worked with the hiring managers for radio, production, and other departments," he said. "And I would forward them information about potential future interns, too."

As a psychology major with a minor in organizational leadership, DeCusati found himself drawn toward a career path focused more on personal interaction. He enjoyed his experience at WGBH so much that during the spring semester he looked for other opportunities in human resources, which landed him at Biogen Idec.  

"I love working with people, and so organizational psychology is a really interesting field to me," he said. "There's a lot of overlap with that and the interpersonal aspects of human resources, whether it be recruiting, hiring, or employee relations."