Doug Cowing '13

Doug Cowing Most majors at Emmanuel require students to complete an internship before graduation. However, the professional experience and course credits aren't always the only things with which students walk away. Some end up with a full-time job offer.

That is the case for Doug, whose internship opened up new doors for him at one of the biggest advertising firms in the world. The English communications major spent the fall 2012 semester at Hill Holliday, an internship he found through the Office of Internships & Career Development (ICD) at Emmanuel. He worked as the sole intern in the media-buying department and had the chance to experience the professional advertising industry firsthand.

Doug was also able to shadow other departments and discover more about different aspects of the advertising industry - a staple of the Hill Holliday internship program. Every intern is assigned to a personal mentor, who helps them not only succeed in their division, but explore the rest of the agency.

"They were really good about helping interns network and learn about the entire company," Doug said. "I was working directly with clients all the time."

The ability to volunteer with other areas of the company was what led Doug to be offered the chance to return to Hill Holliday full time after he graduates.

"Another department was doing a photo shoot and needed volunteers to help organize it, so I offered to go," he said. "And it just so happened that the woman working next to me was the head of the accounts management department."

The two got to talking and Doug clearly made a good impression.

"She told me that she loved my attitude and that she wanted to have me as part of her team right after graduation if I would consider going back, which was amazing to hear."

As a member of the accounts management team, Doug will work directly with established clients to make sure that the agency creates advertisements that fit their wants and needs.

"In media buying, we communicated between cable and stations, as well as all of our clients, to buy advertising spots," he said. "In accounts management I will have even more chances to interact with clients, which is what I loved about my internship."

While at Hill Holliday, Doug was in contact with production assistants from dozens of television networks - including Vh1 and the vice president of MTV - every day that he spent there. He was also invited to attend major events hosted by advertising firms and media agencies from around the world.

Doug has been able to use his own success story to show other students how these internships can lead to incredible networking and career chances. As an admissions ambassador for Emmanuel, he gives tours to prospective students and families - and makes sure to share his experiences with them.

"As an admissions ambassador, I'm always asked about Emmanuel's emphasis on internships," he said. "Now, I know firsthand how amazing the opportunities are."