Letter from the President: Elevations

“Who ever tells the story of the time they chose not to go on an adventure?”

Sister Janet EisnerSo asks a student at the start of Emmanuel's new admissions video. What follows is an inspiring two-minute montage that captures many of the scholarly, spiritual and career-igniting adventures that students pursue each year. The passion and accomplishments of our students are remarkable, and with this video and a range of enhanced communications, the College is telling their stories with more resonance and reach than ever. One measure of success is enrollment: I am pleased to announce that this fall we welcomed the largest firstyear class in the history of the College.

Meanwhile, the great story of Emmanuel itself continues to unfold. In June the College took a historic step toward the future when it launched construction of a modern, 18-story student residence. When it opens in the fall of 2018, the new building will enable Emmanuel to house a greater percentage of its students on campus, enhancing the dynamism of the College community. Further, the residence hall will provide juniors and seniors the kind of on-campus apartment-style accommodations that increasingly are standard at American colleges and universities.

At Emmanuel, we pay close attention to our external environment—not only higher education but also the economy, politics, the arts, matters of faith and social justice, and other arenas of which this community is so much a part. As I said to our newly arrived first-year students, Emmanuel College calls students to engage in informed discussions of the critical issues of our time, exchanging perspectives freely in a climate of reason, respect and civility. This past year in particular, we have come together often for listening sessions and for dialogue on diversity and inclusion and on national and global events that have an impact on our lives.

In this Thanksgiving season, our hearts are filled with gratitude for God’s many blessings on the College and our community. As we approach Emmanuel’s Centennial in 2019, we celebrate our mission to prepare young men and women for lives of distinction, purpose and adventure.

— Sister Janet Eisner, SND