College Seal and Logos

The Emmanuel College Seal

The Emmanuel College Seal is a specially designed form of the College name and may not be modified in any way. It was created by Chaignon La Rose, an artist and authority on ecclesiastical and college heraldry. Artwork for the seal is available as printed logo sheets in positive or negative versions or in electronic form. The seal must always be used on official Emmanuel College documents and external communications.

School Seal Usage

Use of the College seal is an endorsement and verification of official school business. The seal may be used with or without the name of the College, and it should be reproduced from authorized printed sheets or electronic files provided by the Office of Marketing Communications. You can also download the seal and logotype from the Emmanuel College web site. A wide variety of applications are shown here in the accompanying examples:

Formal SealFormal Usage
Very few formal, official communications require the full-color version of the College seal. Communications from the Office of the President are the only materials authorized to use this version of the seal.

Blue SealUsage in Color
The one-color blue seal may be used when printing on white or off-white paper. See specifications for Pantone color identification for ink colors.

Black Seal
The black one-color seal should be used on light-colored paper and where the background color is too light to reverse the seal as white.

White (or reversed)
The white (one color or colorless) seal is used on all color backgrounds too dark for black.

Logotype and Seal

Left-Aligned Logotype

Use this configuration where the typography of the layout is primarily left-aligned, or where there is limited depth within the layout available.

Centered Logotype

Centered Logotype

Use the stacked, centered layout where the layout is primarily centered, or where there is limited width within the layout.

Secondary and smaller support typography may be flushed left off the capital "E in the College's name. Please allow minimum space below the school name equal to the height of the College seal.

File Downloads

EPS: best for professional printing (banners, merchandise, etc.)
JPG: good for PowerPoint or the web; unsuitable for any other circumstance
TIF: for use in Word documents and other printed items

Imageimage color: BLACKimage color: BLUE
Black Seal Thumbnail
Black Centered Sealtype Thumbnail
Black Left-Aligned Sealtype Thumbnail