Reporting a Crime

To report a crime or emergency on the Emmanuel College campus, call the Campus Safety Department at 5-9888 or from off-campus at 617-735-9888. To report a non-emergency security or campus safety related matter, call 5-9710 or from off-campus at 617-735-9710.

Communications officers are available at these respective telephone numbers 24 hours a day to handle all calls. 

What is suspicious?
"Am I witnessing a crime?" Most people have found themselves asking this question at one time or another. However, due to uncertainty, it is common to ignore what has been seen and to continue about one's business. Trust your instincts. If something does not feel right, it probably isn't.

Signs of behavior that might be suspicious:

  • A person trying to enter a residence without the proper access card.
  • A person running and looking about furtively, as if he or she were being watched or chased.
  • A stranger carrying property at an unusual hour or location, especially if the items are a computer or other equipment, office machinery, or a locked bicycle.
  • A person going door-to-door in an office building or residential area.
  • Any person forcibly entering a locked vehicle or building.
  • One or more persons sitting in a parked car closely scanning the area.
  • A person (especially a juvenile or female) being forced into a vehicle.
  • A person exhibiting unusual mental or physical symptoms.
  • Unusual noises, including gunshots, screaming, sounds of fighting, barking dogs, or anything suggesting foul play, danger, or illegal activity.

It is important to remember that people aren't suspicious; behavior is. When in doubt, call! If you witness any suspicious activity, call the Emmanuel College Office of Campus Safety immediately at 617-735-9710.

Support Services
If you have been the victim of rape or sexual assault, you may want to contact the Office of Counseling for confidential support, counseling and referral services. Victims of rape and sexual assault often feel confused and alone, and they often question how to tell family and friends about the incident, or whether they should at all. They also experience a variety of strong emotions and/or experience physical problems, such as stomach problems or sleep disturbances. Sometimes, these symptoms don't happen until long after the event. Regardless of when the incident occurred, the Office of Counseling can help. The Counseling Center is located in the Administration Building, Room 151 and counselors can be reached by calling 617-735-9920.