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September 28, 2012

Students Showcase Summer Research at Poster Presentation

Thirty-five students who worked on collaborative research studies and special academic projects over the summer showcased their achievements to the Emmanuel community on the evening of Wednesday, September 26th. These students spent their summers working with each other and with members of the faculty, performing research and fellowship studies from the labs on campus to around the country. Each student put together a visual display of their efforts to present to the College at the session. Supporters from around the community showed their support by coming to hear about each of the unique projects and opportunities to which these students dedicated the past few months.

Noah Doyle-Smith '13 presented his study on the creation of a music background questionnaire, powered by Google Forms. Like the rest of the students involved, he was thrilled at the reception all of the researchers received.

"It was great to see the entire community come out and support our hard work," he said. "The dedication to these students is visible, and having people at events like this is shows how invested they really are in the student body."

Doyle-Smith was one of eight students presenting studies in the field of psychology. Two students presented mathematics research, three spoke about their summer fellowship programs, one student presented research from an honors program, and 19 performed studies in either biology or chemistry.

Grant Kuehl '15 spent his summer in Washington, D.C., and Sacramento, Calif., as part of an education fellowship. His research, titled "Few and Far Between: The Hunt for Quality Education and Great Teachers for American Students," studied education reform across the country - an experience the sophomore education major was happy to share with those who attended the presentation.

"I was really impressed with the amount of interest that the faculty and students showed in my work," said Kuehl. "It was nice to be able to explain what exactly I did during my fellowship."

The two-hour event attracted more than 50 members of the student body, staff, faculty and administration, and even visitors from outside of the College.

"It was a great showing," said Doyle-Smith. "The support we got was amazing."

View additional photos of this event on Emmanuel's Pinterest page.

- Dan Bourque '13