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A Sad Goodbye to Emmanuel

May 29, 2014

Brittany Adams '14 reflects on the final week of her journey at Emmanuel College.

For members of the Class of 2014, the final week of being an Emmanuel undergraduate student has passed. This concluding week, full of celebrations and bittersweet joy, referred to specifically as Senior Week, was the most memorable college experience I, as well as many other students, have had the pleasure of partaking in. These final days commended our four-year-long endeavor at this institution with incomparable amount of happiness and pride. In these final days, students were able to bond together with the satisfaction of completing their four-year degrees at Emmanuel.  

On Monday, May 5th, to kick off the start of Senior Week, members of the Class of 2014 spent their evenings on a Boston Harbor Boat Cruise-exclusively limited to the students of Emmanuel. With several floors, a DJ and excited students, the Spirit of Boston boat quickly became a dance party that lasted from the first minute until the last. Watching the city lights shine off the water and slowly pass by the Boston Harbor was a spectacle that left many students embracing one another to take in the moments of Boston's beauty and their final days in this wonderful city.

Howl at the Moon is a popular bar in Boston known for its "dueling pianos," and was the site of the next Senior Week event. Similar to the Boston Harbor Boat Cruise, this event was exclusive to the students of Emmanuel-having a private area for students to celebrate and engage with one another. At this event, students requested songs to be played on the pianos and danced happily through the evening. Joining the performers on stage, many students expressed their own musical talents either through singing or dancing on stage alongside the pianists.

Arguably one of the most iconic and expected of Senior Week events was the Red Sox game. On Wednesday, students attended the game with a $10 concessions coupon-included in the Senior Week ticket package. Regardless of team loyalty or having any knowledge about baseball in general, this night became a fabulous bonding experience for members of the 2014 class while sitting in one of the most legendary and well-known ball parks in America, Fenway Park. Winning this game definitely boosted the overall experience, but hearing EC class member Michel Le Gendre '14 chant the famous "EC Beat" cheer in the ballpark stands was a moment unlike any other. With the words, "Give me a long E!" students were instantly taken back to their first moments at Emmanuel during Orientation where we were introduced to this prideful song that we will never forget.

The final event of Senior Week took place at the Park Plaza Hotel. The Commencement Ball was described by students as being "a beautiful inclusion to the week-the formal attire and atmosphere were inspiring and beautiful." This event was not exclusive to Emmanuel students. For the ball, students were allowed to purchase an extra ticket to have a guest accompany them. Many people chose to celebrate their evening alongside friends, as well as with dates. The Park Plaza Hotel was breathtaking, with its several crystal chandeliers adorning the ceiling. The evening felt glamorous.

This final week allowed for students to celebrate the amazing accomplishment of completing their bachelor's degrees alongside fellow peers, and truly epitomized our triumphs and successes as Emmanuel students. To put it simply, Senior Week was the pinnacle of bliss, and surely won't soon be forgotten.

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