November 17, 2017

Innovative Programs Bolster the Emmanuel Advantage

Leveraging its Premier Boston Location, Emmanuel College Launches More Career-Igniting Programs in Rising Fields

Emmanuel recently announced additional initiatives to equip students for professional success after graduation and throughout their lifetimes.

The advances—ranging from 100 percent internship participation to expanded academic programs—capitalize on the extraordinary opportunities presented by Emmanuel’s location in the heart of Boston and within the city’s Longwood and Fenway neighborhoods. These advantages include close proximity to some of the world’s leading organizations—and minds—in business, biomedicine, education, finance, technology, media, social services and many other fields.

“Emmanuel is where engagement in the liberal arts and sciences meets the demands of the 21st century workplace,” said President Sister Janet Eisner, SND. “This bonding of intellect and experience provides our students a significant edge as they prepare to excel in an array of careers—some only now being imagined.”

The College announced the following initiatives:

100 Percent Internship Participation: Enhancing Employability through Real-World Experiences

Emmanuel students have long complemented their studies in the liberal arts and sciences with hands-on learning experiences in labs, businesses and nonprofits throughout Boston. These experiences enable students to apply knowledge in the workplace, make valuable connections, and prepare to make tangible contributions in a range of professions and communities. Today, more than 94 percent of all Emmanuel students participate in some form of internship, practicum, or experiential learning during their time at the College.

Now Emmanuel is committed to ensuring 100 percent student participation in these valuable on-location learning experiences. Beginning in the fall of 2018, all members of the incoming Class of 2022 will complete at least one internship as a standard component of their undergraduate education. The change recognizes that internships and experiential learning are high-impact practices and instrumental to the success of students and graduates.

Career Center: Providing Enhanced Resources for Student Success

Emmanuel has made critical investments in support of its integrated approach to academic and professional development. This fall, the Career Center relocated next to the Office of Academic Advising, creating a resource-rich environment in which students can collaborate with trusted advisors to develop a multi-year blueprint for success. These farsighted plans draw together coursework, co-curricular activities, internships, part-time jobs, overseas study and spiritual retreats, among a host of opportunities. The Career Center’s new offices—including a glassed-in reception area on the third floor of the Wilkens Science Center—also provide increased space for meetings with recruiters representing an array of employers.

Collaborations: Joining with Organizations at the Forefront of Innovation

For the second consecutive year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has named Boston the #1 city in the country for startups due to its “steady pipeline of next-wave innovators” and high concentration of universities and research institutions. As an integral part of this innovation ecosystem, Emmanuel continues to forge and strengthen relationships with forward-thinking organizations, from large multinational corporations (Merck & Co.) to startups (Editas Medicine) to world-class academic institutions (Massachusetts General Hospital). In addition to offering additional pathways to career success, these collaborations enable students to make networking connections with industry experts who can provide insight into their organizations and perspective on their industries.

Academics: More Program Offerings, Greater Flexibility

In response to expanding job market opportunities and student interest, the College has established courses and requirements for a Finance concentration within the Economics major; minors in Digital Media Production, Finance, Sport Management, and Statistics; and a Certificate in Spanish for Health Care Professionals. These programs provide students greater flexibility to combine interests and design an academic path that more closely aligns to their professional goals—and the unique ways they aspire to make a difference in the world.

Emmanuel plans to launch additional programs in the months ahead, reflecting a vibrant spirit of innovation and an ongoing dedication to meeting the evolving needs of students and professions. In all aspects of the educational experience, Emmanuel strives to provide students an incomparable foundation for a lifetime of employability in a marketplace marked by constant change.

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