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May 2, 2017

Students Pitch Plans at Business Poster Presentation Contest

Sixty-three “Introduction to Business” students presented their company ideas and business plans in a “trade show” setting

A food truck specializing in desserts from around the world. A smart phone app to help Boston tourists. A company that lets parents send cleaning supplies to their college kids every month.

These are just a few of the innovative ideas presented at Emmanuel College's annual Business Plan Poster Presentation Contest. Held on April 25 in the Jean Yawkey Center Gymnasium, the event brought together 63 "Introduction to Business" students who presented their company ideas and business plans in a "trade show" setting, complete with booths, posters and flyers. Students interacted with attendees and pitched their concepts. Attendees from the Emmanuel College community then voted on the presentations, casting ballots in several categories: Best Poster Board, Best Business Concept, Best Presentation and Most Socially Responsible.

For the contest, groups of students were tasked with developing a new business idea, conducting environmental and competitive analyses, developing a marketing plan and preparing financial statements. Kelly Basile, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Business and Economics, said that, "the competition provides the students with a real-world opportunity to learn how to present their business ideas and engage prospective investors and customers."

The Business Plan Poster Contest is a great opportunity for our Introduction to Business students to showcase their hard work from the semester," Basile said. "The students' energy and creativity has made this an enjoyable event for the whole Emmanuel community."

For Emily Andrews '20, "the business plan contest was important because it exposed students to the challenges that can arise when working in groups. Everyone played an important role in the final product so it really was a combined effort."

Andrews, who worked on the team that won the "Most Socially Responsible" award, said "one of the biggest lessons I learned was the importance of communication and professionalism. We are proud of our final project-- but it definitely took a lot of work!"

Here is the list of winners and team members:

Best Posterboard: "Be Spa"—A company that would provide natural spring water diffused with fresh fruit to spas and gyms throughout New England.

  • Meghan Braganca '20
  • Carolina O'Neil '20
  • Ian Tait '20
  • Victoria Webber '20

Best Concept: "fInDme"—Targeting college students, this company would develop stickers to be placed on items such as college ID cards that can be tracked through a phone app. The stickers are designed so that their cost would be less than the replacement costs of a new ID. 

  • Alexis Erlandson '19
  • Mariam Hamdeh '19
  • Jessika Myers '20
  • Merve Oncu '20

Most Socially Responsible: "Raindrops Drop Boxes"—This company would provide collections of small gifts to college students from friends and family for special occasions such as holidays and birthdays. To give back to their communities, students could donate backpacks filled with necessity items to homeless individuals throughout New England.

  • Emily Andrews '20
  • Victoria Harding '20
  • Amiel Howell '20
  • Dallas Hubert '20
  • Alexandre Vieil '20

Best Presentation: "SPIN"—SPIN's concept is to offer a ride service similar to Uber or Lyft that also allows riders to purchase a pizza. The company would provide drivers with small portable ovens to transport the pizza. Customers ordering a ride through their app can select one to have a pizza available for them upon pick-up.

  • Anngerline Burgos '20
  • Namiya Crespo '20
  • Abigale McKenelley '20
  • Emmett Riddick '20
  • Anthony Tzortzis '20

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