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April 28, 2014

Senior Year Sentimentality, by Brittany Adams '14

As the 2014 Commencement draws closer, Brittany Adams '14 reflects on four years at Emmanuel and looks toward her final weeks on campus.

As four years become four weeks, I have found that myself and many other Emmanuel College seniors are wondering where the time has gone. The spirits surrounding the upcoming Commencement mark the biggest development in our young lives, where many of us will go from being students to being full-time career men and women. Simply put, the vibe of the senior class at this time is nothing but bittersweet. Here, over the past four years, we have made connections, friendships and even relationships that we hope will last us our whole lives. It is crazy to think that our treasured time here is reaching its end.

Lauren Lesiczka '14 had a positive outlook on her last four years here, and even more optimistic anticipation of what's to come. Lesiczka stated, "This is the point where you find out who you are; to take the goals you have achieved in the last four years and to build new dreams off of those. It takes a whole lot of courage and dedication to reach this point and with the help of our friends, family and some phenomenal teachers; we have been able to successfully reach this milestone."

Lesiczka perfectly summed up the sentiment of the average soon-to-be college graduate, that of which I can certainly relate. Our future successes as Emmanuel College graduates can be credited highly to the lessons and experiences we have had here.

Thinking back to my first night spent here at Emmanuel during orientation in May 2010, I remember the friendliness of incoming students, Orientation Leaders and all EC staff. The welcoming and comforting sensibility I found in my peers then has continued to carry through the past four years, where you can always count on a fellow EC Saint to lend a helping hand. The sense of community at EC is like no other. With such a small and intimate campus, people recognize one another and are always willing to spend the extra time to hold the door or to share a passing smile. 

To mark our last moments here as students of Emmanuel College, all members of the graduating class are invited to commemorate our time here during a weeklong celebration, following immediately after finals and coursework have been completed. This time-held tradition is known as Senior Week, where the only students living on campus are seniors. It's a time like no other-and in the past, students have remarked it as undoubtedly being "their favorite college experience."

The agenda for Senior Week this year presents the chance for students to attend a Boston Harbor Cruise, a night out in Boston at a popular bar, a Red Sox game-a truly iconic Boston experience, and lastly, the Commencement Ball hosted at the Park Plaza Hotel. This final week allows for students to epitomize their Boston experiences and spend time with peers of their graduating class. Essentially, Senior Week serves as the ultimate triumph for achieving this academic milestone that we're all so proud to have accomplished here at Emmanuel College.