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August 25, 2014

Emmanuel Students and Faculty Present at 2014 ACS Conference

Fisher '16 and Cardillo '16

During the week of August 10, six Emmanuel College students traveled to San Francisco, Calif., with three members of the Emmanuel faculty to present at the 248th National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society. The students attended many talks over the four-day conference and presented their research in four posters during the meeting.

Chemistry majors Geoffrey Conklin '15, Samantha Watson '15, Sarah Faulkner '15 and Christopher Connelly '15 presented three posters based on research done with Associate Professor of Chemistry Aren Gerdon through Gerdon's on-campus research group.

Eddie Fisher '16 and Ariana Cardillo '16, chemistry majors and students in Assistant Professor of Chemistry Bryan Sears's research group also presented a poster alongside Sears.

The presentations titles were as follows:

  • Geoffrey Conklin and Aren Gerdon, "Quartz crystal microbalance integrated with microfluidics and optical microscopy for improved study of mineralization kinetics."
  • Christopher Connelly and Aren Gerdon, "Surface immobilization of amorphous calcium phosphate for protein affinity studies."
  • Sarah Faulkner, Samantha Watson and Aren Gerdon, "Selection and analysis of DNA biomimetic templates for the mineralization of hydroxyapatite."
  • Eddie Fisher, Ariana Cardillo and Bryan Sears, "Synthesis of ruthenium(II) complexes with N,O-chelates: An investigation of the effect of ligand σ-donation on oxidation state, spectroscopy, and photochemistry."

Gerdon and Associate Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair Christine Jaworek-Lopes also presented posters on their own research during the conference.

  • Aren Gerdon, "Freshmen join the team: Research in the General Chemistry lab," "Chemistry for the developing world: Senior seminar at an undergraduate institution" and "Identifying and analyzing DNA aptamers for calcium phosphate mineralization."
  • Christine Jaworek-Lopes and Christopher Morse, "Pilot study on the use of Sporcle quizzes in organic chemistry."

For more information on student and faculty research, please visit the Research at Emmanuel section of the website.

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