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Contemplative Practices in Action

Our mindful and contemplative practices are rooted in the historic commitment of the Sisters of Notre Dame to serve as "contemplatives in action." Emmanuel faculty are encouraged to explore contemplative practices in higher education and its impact on students' learning through faculty development presentations and group discussions, and to discover ways to implement these practices in the classroom.

Student + Faculty Practices In Action

"My work explores the intersection between mindfulness and learning. How does mindfulness-cultivating awareness and attention in the present moment-impact academic achievement, satisfaction and regulation? I am also interested in the relationship between mindfulness practice and emotional health and the ways in which this relationship may be associated with learning in college students." - Helen Z. MacDonald, Assistant Professor of Psychology

"I have started incorporating a contemplative practice in my courses and I think it is beneficial to students and me. At the beginning of each class, I invite students to participate in a two-minute meditation; I simply ask students to listen to their breathing. Most students have reacted positively to this brief contemplation and found it a useful and creative way of getting ready and focused." - Katrin Kriz, Assistant Professor of Sociology

"My intention in starting a Yoga Club was to create an open environment where students, faculty and staff could take a break from the daily external demands they inevitably face. I hope to make contemplative practices accessible to everyone, and no prior experience is needed. The benefits of cultivating a mindful practice are limitless. Individuals are invited to turn inward to heighten their awareness of themselves and the world around them." - Hilary Skov, Class of 2015