Centers, Partnerships & Institutes

SND Organizations

Emmanuel College serves several Sisters of Notre Dame organizations through its New Student and Spring Days of Service, Annual Toy Drive and other educational opportunities.

Julie's Family Learning Program

Julie's Family Learning Program was founded in 1974 by Jean Sullivan, SND and Louise Kearns, SND, who had been working closely with struggling, female-headed families living in crisis at the margins of society. Julie's has grown into a community-based family support and education program that is committed to the development of strong, stable, healthy family functioning. Julie's breaks the cycle of poverty among low-income families by providing services that enable poor, at-risk mothers and their children to transform their lives and become healthy, responsible, successful, and economically self-sufficient members of their communities.

Emmanuel's Annual Toy Drive benefits Julie's Family Learning Program.

Notre Dame Education Center

Established by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1992, the Notre Dame Education Center (NDEC) in South Boston provides ESOL instruction, as well as citizenship, literacy and technology programs, to adult learners, in morning, afternoon and evening classes. At NDEC, students are able to acquire skills that empower them as citizens, as family members, as participants in the workforce, as well as in the community.

Notre Dame Montessori School

The Notre Dame Montessori Pre-School in Dorchester provides a holistic educational program for city/inner city youth aged three to seven. Their major goals are to create an atmosphere that fosters self-esteem, independence and an inner motivation to learn.

slideshow"Seed Planted; Harvest Begun” fund-raiser for the Notre Dame Montessori School.