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Emmanuel College has participated annually in the RecycleMania Tournament since 2011. This nationwide competition challenges colleges and universities to decrease waste and increase recycling.

What is it?

RecycleMania is a nationwide competition that challenges colleges and universities to decrease waste and increase recycling. Over 8-weeks, schools report their waste and recycling numbers and ranked in a number of categories.

This Year's Competition

The 2014 tournament is underway. From February 2nd - March 29th, the College is asking our faculty, staff and students to remember the 3 Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle.

Check the MySaints portal each Tuesday for "8 Small Changes," a weekly tip with changes you can make to lead a "greener" life, and Thursday for a weekly trivia question for the opportunity to an eco-friendly prize!

Last Year's Competition

In 2013, 523 colleges and universities took part in this eight-week challenge that ignites classic college rivalries, rallying students, faculty and staff to increase on-campus recycling rates beyond their collegiate competitors. Overall, 90.3 million pounds of recyclables and organic materials were recovered, which prevented the release of nearly 121,436 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E).

Here are Emmanuel's recycling rates for the RecycleMania competition over the last three years:

Year3rd yr - 20132nd yr - 20121st yr - 2011Benchmark - 2010
3/31/13% change FY13 vs FY122/5/11 - 3/31/12% change FY12 vs FY112/6/11 - 4/2/11% change FY11 vs FY102/6/10 - 4/2/10
Bottles/Cans 3,180 -39% 5,220 135% 2,220 106% 1,080
Mixed Paper 3,500 27% 2,760 -26% 3,720 42% 2,620
Corrugated Cardboard 2,850 72% 1,660 -7% 1,780 178% 640


For more information, check out the RecycleMania website.

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