What and Where Can I Recycle?

The success of any recycling and waste program hinges on participants knowing what item goes where.

Recycling shouldn't be difficult! That's why Emmanuel is revamping its waste and recycling program starting summer 2014.

At Emmanuel, we want our faculty, staff and students to recycle whenever possible. Here is our guide to single-stream recycling on campus:


The College is excited to introduce single-stream recycling across campus. This will allow users to conveniently place all recyclable items, such as newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper, magazines, aluminum and plastics, all in one bin.

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All over campus! The Facilities Department has standardized the waste and recycling bins within offices, classrooms and conference spaces as well as the residence halls. Each bin will have a sticker to let you know which items go where. Similar signage will be placed next to our waste and recycling stations in our public locations.

Public Locations - Indoor and Outdoor

There are waste and recycling stations within our academic buildings and five outdoor locations across campus:

  • Administration Building - Muddy River Café
  • Maureen Murphy Wilkens Science Center - 1st and 3rd floor atriums
  • Jean Yawkey Center - 1st and 2nd floor atriums
  • Loretto Hall - front entrance
  • St. Joseph Hall - front entrance
  • Jean Yawkey Center - front entrance
  • Muddy River Café - outdoor seating area
  • Cardinal Cushing Library - front entrance


Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us at sustainability@emmanuel.edu
with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our green efforts.