Recycling, Waste and Composting

Emmanuel College Boston has made a commitment to recycle more and waste less and rely on our College community to help us with this effort.


Waste is collected from common spaces, offices and dining facilities daily. This is then brought to trash compactor for on-demand hauler pickups.


Recycling is collected from common spaces, classroom and offices 6 days a week, dining facilities daily and each residence hall at least twice a week. Materials are then brought to the single-stream compactor for on-demand hauler pickup.

In July 2014, the College introduced single-stream recycling across campus. This allows users to conveniently place all recyclable items, such as newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper, magazines, aluminum and plastic, all in one bin.

As part of this change, the Facilities Department standardized the waste and recycling bins within offices, classrooms and conference spaces as well as the residence halls. Each bin has a sticker to let you know which items go where. Similar signage is placed next to our waste and recycling stations in our public locations. See What + Where Can I Recycle?

Below is a chart comparing July 2015 through November 2016 to the same period last year:

Commodity (tons)July 2016-November 2016 TOTALSJuly 2015-November  2015 TOTALS
Waste 109.8 107.7 2% increase
Recycling 25.7 31.8 19% reduction*
*Please note: The decrease in overall recycling tonnage may be attributed to the reduction of on-campus residential space and subsequent waste generation due to the removal of Julie Hall (June 2016).


In October 2014, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection expanded its existing waste bans to include organics. This new ban requires any institution that generates at least one ton of organic food waste each week to divert these materials from the solid waste stream. In an effort to comply with this new regulation and revitalize Emmanuel's sustainability initiatives, we also launched a composting program in the Marian Hall Dining Room.

At first, the program focused on capturing food scraps during meal preparation. This is known as back-of-the-house composting and takes place behind the scenes. In an effort to engage the College community, Emmanuel launched a front-of-the-house composting program in September 2015 after a successful pilot during the Spring 2015 semester.

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