Administration Building

Situated in the heart of our campus, the Administration Building is the architectural symbol of Emmanuel, representative of its rich traditions and history.

Designed by famed architectural firm Maginnis & Walsh more than nine decades ago, it was the only building on campus for the first 30 years of the College's existence—meaning for generations of graduates, the Administration Building WAS Emmanuel College.

Today, the Administration Building remains as prominent as ever. Recent renovations have ensured it will continue to serve as a bridge from the groundbreaking Emmanuel of the past to the vibrant and dynamic learning environment of the present. From the historic Chapel to the high-tech classrooms such as the Joanne DiGeronimo Migliaro '88 and Anthony Migliaro Classroom, which features dual 80-inch, high-definition LED displays aimed toward engaging students in new and innovative ways, the Administration Building is an ever-evolving link between Emmanuel's past and future.

The building features the historic Chapel, classrooms, the Art Department, faculty and staff offices, meeting space, the mailroom and the Muddy River Café.

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Restoration of the historic Administration Building: 2009-2013

In 2009, Emmanuel College began the first of four phases to renovate every space within the building. The first two phases resulted in new faculty and staff offices, and additional meeting spaces and classrooms in the east wing. The art department's 8,500 square feet of space was completely renovated to include studios for painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and 3D graphics; new faculty offices, gathering space and classrooms; and a wood shop, darkroom and Mac computer lab.   

The final restoration phases, completed in January 2013, brought additional improvements, including renovated classrooms with the latest academic technology; an updated auditorium for campus community events and activities; a new and expanded Muddy River Café with a variety of food stations, increased capacity and outdoor seating area; additional meeting and conference rooms; improved infrastructure for heating, cooling and ventilation to maximize energy efficiency; and a new elevator that makes the building completely wheelchair accessible. 

Emmanuel College: Administration Building Restoration (3:34) from Emmanuel College on Vimeo.