Tuition & Fees

Depositing to Emmanuel

All incoming students and returning residential students are required to pay a deposit. This deposit will then be deducted from your next semester's bill.

Accepted Students

Congratulations on your decision to enroll at Emmanuel! We look forward to welcoming you to campus.

All incoming students are charged a $300 tuition deposit, and students who plan to live on campus are charged an additional $200 housing deposit. After May 1st deposits are nonrefundable and will be considered forfeited if you do not register for classes in your accepted year.

Returning Students

Returning students who will reside on campus are required to pay a $250, non-refundable housing deposit, which is then deducted from the fall tuition bill. Residence Life will contact you about the housing deposit and room selection process during the spring semester.

Returning students who will not live on campus in the upcoming year are not required to submit a deposit.