Need-Based Financial Aid


Read more about all need-based financial aid policies, including eligibility requirements, aid disbursements, conditions affecting aid and more.

Eligibility Requirements
This list includes eligibility requirements to be considered for most federal, state and institutionally funded financial aid.

Determining Financial Need
Student financial need is determined by subtracting the expected family contribution from the cost of attendance. Learn more!

Financial Aid Award Letters
Learn about the differences between estimated and verified financial awards.

Conditions Affecting Awards
Find out the different provisions that may result in a change to your financial aid award.

Financial Aid Disbursements
Learn more about financial aid disbursements, which occur after the add/drop period of each semester once student enrollment and housing statuses have been verified.

Financial Aid Renewal Process
Learn more about the process of reapplying for financial aid for the upcoming academic year.

The page explains the process of gaining access to excess funds from loans that are credited to Emmanuel College student accounts.

Study Abroad
Students who plan on studying abroad are encouraged to meet with the OSFS to discuss its affect on financial aid.