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Stephanie Reynolds

Assistant Director of Student Financial Services

What makes Emmanuel different from other colleges?

What makes Emmanuel different from other colleges is the small and private community feel within a large city. Since it is a smaller school, students have small class sizes and can really get to know faculty, staff, and their peers. There is also such a welcoming and friendly vibe around campus where you cannot walk around without someone saying "Hi." On the other hand, students have the added benefit of being in a great city like Boston where students have access to public transportation, access to tons of weekend activities, and also the potential to access great internships through major companies and medical hospitals nearby.

What is one Boston activity you recommend for students?

There are so many amazing activities it's hard to pick one. I would say a first stop for new students should be Boston Common. Take a short train ride and walk through the beautiful Public Gardens, take a scenic Swan Boat ride or even skate on the Frog Pond during the winter. For baseball fans I would also recommend taking a short walk to Fenway Park. Perhaps even take a tour or catch a Sox game! It's a must see!

What tips do you have for students when it comes to financial aid and/or payment options?

I think the best advice for students would be to stay involved with the financial aid/payment process. Students can stay informed by checking the Emmanuel website, their MySaints portal, and by checking their Emmanuel e-mail to make sure they are meeting all the deadlines. In addition, scholarships are also great way to reduce the cost of college. Keep your eyes out for potential scholarships through the school and through your local community. Also, if there is something that you don't understand or are confused-please feel free to reach out to your Student Financial Services Counselor!

What do you like most about working in the OSFS?

My favorite part about working in the Office of Student Financial Services is that I have the opportunity to educate students and their families about the financial aid and payment process. Having gone through the experience myself, I understand how confusing paying for college can be. It is with great pride that I can work with my students and their families to help make an Emmanuel College degree a reality.