Admissions + Aid


If you are considering withdrawing from the College or a course, we encourage you to meet with your academic advisor, financial counselor and Heath Services (if withdrawing due to medical reasons) first. Meeting with the different offices will ensure that you are making the best decision for you and your academic future.

Withdrawal from a Course
Course schedule changes may be made during the semester's add/drop period. After the add/drop period, students are liable for the cost of courses from which they withdraw. Student enrollment and housing status are confirmed after each semester's add/drop period before financial aid is disbursed. Student aid may be adjusted if their enrollment and/or housing status changes from the original status as provided on their Financial Aid Award Letter.

Withdrawal from the College
College's Withdrawal Policy

After the start of classes, fees are not refundable; tuition, room and board are refunded based on the College's policy below. To officially withdraw from the College, students must complete a Withdrawal Form, which is available in the Registrar's Office. Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Withdrawal Date During Semester% Refundable Tuition Room, and Board Charges% of Emmanuel Aid Awarded
Prior to start of classes 100%  0%
Week 1 75%  25%
Week 2 50%  50%
Week 3 25%  75%
After third week No refund  100%

Federal Financial Aid Withdrawal Policy
When withdrawing from the College prior to the 10th week of the semester, eligibility for federal financial aid is determined using the federal funds calculation below:

Number of days attended         x     Federal Aid   =    Aid Student may retain
Number of days in semester

There is no correlation between the College's withdrawal policy and the federal policy.