Accepted Students

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When is Orientation?
Summer Orientation will be held on the following dates: June 15-16, June 18-19, June 22-23 and June 25-26.

What is Orientation and do I have to attend?
Yes, Orientation attendance is required for all incoming new students. Orientation is your formal introduction to the Emmanuel College community. During these two days, you will have the opportunity to meet faculty, staff, student leaders and classmates. At Orientation you will begin to make life-long friends, learn about your community responsibilities, establish yourself in the intellectual life of the campus, find out about people, places, and programs,and most importantly you will have fun! 

How do I register for the Orientation Program?
Registration is done online. Registration information will be sent to you via e-mail and is available in the New Student Information site on the MySaints Portal.

Can I register over the phone?
Please register using the online registration form.

When do I have to register by?
The registration deadline is May 29, 2015.

What if I need to change my registration (i.e.: adding/removing a family member, switching to another session, etc.)?
To register for a different session, or to change you registration please contact us at

What if I have scheduling conflicts?
We strongly suggest that you arrange your vacation dates or work obligations in order to make attendance at Orientation a priority. We provide a variety of sessions to accommodate the busy schedules of our new students. If you are unable to attend any of our June Orientation sessions due to an inflexible conflict, please contact us at

Can I bring a guest to Orientation?
Parents and family members are invited and encouraged to attend the Family Orientation program, which is held on the first day of the Student Orientation program. However, guests are not permitted to participate in the student orientation program. 

Where and when do I report for my orientation?
Once you register online for orientation, you will receive an email confirmation which will include information on check-in. In general, check-in for orientation begins at 9:30am and is located on the Quad.

How long is the Orientation program?
Orientation is a two-day program. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. on the first day and the program concludes at 4:00 p.m. on the second day. All students must stay through the end of the second day, without exception.

Will meals be provided?
Yes, students are provided with continental breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late night snack on Day One. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Day Two. Our dining options include vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

Where do students stay?
Students will be housed in one of our on-campus residence halls.

Do all students have to stay overnight?
Yes, all students participating in Orientation must stay overnight, regardless of resident or commuter status.

Will I have a roommate overnight?
Yes, you will be assigned a roommate.

What do students need to bring?
Students are staying overnight in a residence hall, and will need bedding, a towel, shower shoes, toiletries, any personal prescriptions, comfortable clothes, alarm clock, and a photo ID. A small fan (optional) is suggested as residence halls are not air-conditioned. Last but not least, bring plenty of questions and energy!

Will I meet with an advisor and finalize my class schedule during Orientation?
Yes. You will meet with an Academic Advisor and at the end or Orientation you will have a completed schedule.

What should I do to prepare for Orientation?
You should feel confident that upon your arrival at Orientation, your only tasks are to meet faculty, staff, student leaders and fellow classmates, get to know Emmanuel College and the many resources offered to you here, and most importantly to be yourself and have fun. We do ask that you complete the Math and Foreign Language Placement Exams, available on the MySaints portal, prior to orientation. Doing so will allow your advisor to properly place you into classes appropriate for your academic level. Other important to-do items, dates and deadline for new students can be found here.

Is there an orientation program for parents and family members?
Yes! We encourage parents and family members to participate in Family Orientation. For planning purposes, Family Orientation is a one day program held on the same date as the first day of the New Student Orientations program. The Family Program runs separate from the Student Program and concludes at 5:30pm. Lunch will be provided and family members have the option to eat dinner in the dining hall for a fee of $11.00 if they wish. The first family orientation guest is free, and there is a $40 for each additional guest. Students can register Family Orientation guest(s) when completing their Student Orientation registration.

Transfer Student Orientation Questions

At Emmanuel College both transfer and first-year students alike attend a two-day, comprehensive orientation program. For any questions regarding what to bring, what to expect, or or other general questions, please see the above FAQs.

When is Transfer Orientation?
Transfer Orientation is June 15-16. All transfer students MUST attend this session, as there will be specific information and programming presented at this session geared toward addressing the unique needs and questions of transfer students.

What if I cannot come to the Transfer Orientation?
Contact us at or call the Orientation Hotline at 617-735-9817.