July 15-21, 2018 Business Academy

Learn what it’s like to be a real-world entrepreneur and establish your own business.

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Emmanuel’s Business Academy is a one-week, intensive study program exposing students to the fundamentals and practical applications of economics, leadership, marketing, finance and business communications, in addition to hands-on entrepreneurial experience.

Taught by Emmanuel College faculty members, Summer Residential Enrichment Program courses are designed to provide students of all academic interests an intensive learning experience. Blending classroom instruction with evening structured learning activities and subject-related field visits, these courses expose high school students to the experience of living and learning at Emmanuel College.

Who You Are

Available to rising high school juniors and seniors of various academic interests.

What to Expect

A multi-disciplinary curriculum that engages students in the real-world experience of entrepreneurship. You will navigate the process of establishing a new business while seeing firsthand how innovation and entrepreneurship come to life through field visits in and around Boston—a city internationally recognized as powerhouse in business and innovation with its storied financial firms and a thriving startup culture.



Your Professors

Emmanuel’s Department of Business & Economics is comprised of distinguished faculty who bring the best of academic theory and professional experience. In addition to teaching, Emmanuel’s faculty are practicing scholars with expertise in a range of areas such as accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, economics, leadership, marketing, corporate culture, corporate responsibility, research and more.

Program Highlights

  • Learn to think like an entrepreneur, identifying and assessing opportunities, risks, legal issues and more
  • Discover how to use effective promotions and advertising through creative and branding tools such as logos, websites, storyboarding
  • Explore current issues surrounding business ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Obtain fundamental knowledge in the areas of teamwork, leadership, human capital, production, operations, distribution, finance and accounting
  • Delve into accessing market and industry data through a workshop with Emmanuel’s research librarians
  • Observe real-world start-up and established businesses in the global, innovative city of Boston
  • Hone your business writing skills as you develop your business or product concept, proposal and an “elevator pitch” with faculty and peer review
  • Create your business plan e-portfolio and presentation for the culminating Business Plan Competition
  • Celebrate with faculty and fellow Business Academy participants at an awards and networking reception
  • Experience Boston with off-campus evening activities

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