Honors Program

Distinction in the Field

In their senior year, honors students complete an independent research or creative project in their area of study.

2013 Distinction in the Field projects

  • Emelia Attridge, English Literature: "Examining Glorvina as Hibernia: The Gendered Implications of The Wild Irish Girl"
  • Joel Blank, Individualized Major in Music Cognition: "Emotions in Music: Experiments in Composition"
  • Jillian Cavanaugh, Biology: "Using Cancer Stem Cells to Recapitulate the Hypoxic Environment of Glioblastoma"
  • Douglas Dame, American Studies: "Black Super Power: An Analysis of Two African American Comic Book Superheroes of the 1970s"
  • Joseph Horgan, History: "Mass Destruction: How Boston Learned to Stop Worrying and Live With the Bomb"
  • Kaitlyn Murphy, International Studies: "Nonprofit Funding and Higher Education in Central America"
  • Garrett Sanborn, History: "'Gimme Shelter': The 1968 Democratic National Convention and Violence in the American 1960s"
  • Emily Shea, Sociology: "The Sociology of Youth Suicide: Risk & Protective Factors."