History Department - Emmanuel Boston



The study of history enables students to understand change and continuity across time in the United States, Europe and the world.

As a history student at Emmanuel, you will study such topics as the growth and decline of states and societies, the conduct of war and the pursuit of justice, cultural achievements, religious belief and forms of worship, reform movements, influential ideologies, the significance of race, gender and class, and exploration and colonization.

Emmanuel students have the opportunity to look at cultures and civilizations both nearby and remote as they study Boston’s neighborhoods, the Iberian presence in the Atlantic world or the ideals of the ancient Chinese. Examining instances of beauty, progress and success on the world stage as well as episodes of carnage, cruelty and injustice familiarizes students with the range and commonality of human experience and gives perspective on the present.

Analyzing historical records and interpretations enables students to become more perceptive, confident and sophisticated writers and thinkers. The department provides training in research methods, theories of history, and the opportunity for applied work through a broad range of internship choices in archives, libraries, museums, and governmental and media agencies.