Business + Economics

Student Profile: Zach Raffa

Zach Raffa ‘13

Major: Management

What was your favorite course?

Strategic Management. The Business Strategy Game gave me the opportunity to apply all of the knowledge that I had obtained in the department up until that point and pit myself against both my classmates and students across the globe in a battle of business strategy wits. It was a great way to apply my classroom experience into a practical real-world situation.

Who was your favorite professor?

Shuyi Jiang: She cares more about knowledge and learning than grades. Her assignments are all applicable to the real world and how economics relates to it. She aims to help students build practical skills and teaches in a fun and entertaining way that always keeps students engaged. She’s not afraid to tell students things they need to hear in very blunt terms, but at the same time is extremely sweet and personable. She truly cares about students and has always made me feel like I am an important member of the MGMT/ECON department.

What is the greatest strength of the Management + Economics Department?

The department aims toward teaching students the skills of business and management that cannot be learned through technical training. Adaptability, teamwork, interpersonal skills and professionalism are all of the highest value and help students to adapt and adjust to any career path desired.

What is the one key message that you took with you from your time in the Department?

Develop skills that are necessary and valuable in the real world.

What do you think you’ll remember most about your time studying in the Management and Economics Department at Emmanuel?

I will remember how much the professors cared about me as an individual and how hard they worked to help me achieve success. I was able to develop personal relationships with many professors in the department and feel comfortable consulting them with any issue I might have, personal or professional. I felt valued and very much a part of a professional organization, which is something that I know cannot be achieved at many institutions.

What was the best thing about your internship experience in the program?

The ability to learn what it is like to be in a professional environment, learn the skills I need to be successful in the business world, help me discern my career path, meet many professionals in my field to network with and, ultimately, an offer of full-time employment.

What are your career goals and how have your studies helped you to achieve them?

I dream to be a top-level executive/department manager of a hospital, specifically Boston Children’s Hospital. This department gave me both the hard and soft skills I need to succeed in this field, the experience of an internship within Children’s Hospital to get my foot in the door and network with them, and the constant support and encouragement that I need to continue on my path to achieving this goal.

What will you be doing after graduation?

I am working as a full time Administrative Associate at Boston Children’s Hospital.